More than 184 Million hours1 are lost to unexpected absences each year.

That’s a whole lot of employee hours and a whole lot of your work not getting done. Calls go unanswered. Deadlines get missed. Deliveries are delayed. It’s the compounding headache that could be draining your bottom line. And there’s something you can do about it.

Reduce Unexpected Absences
and you Reduce Lost Hours.

There’s a direct, medically proven connection between oral health and overall health. Think of it as fortifying your employees and your business. Every one of your employees brings value to your business. Invest in them and that value grows. It’s the multiplier effect. Healthier employees take fewer sick days which means less disruption, more productivity, and a healthier business.

How Exactly?

Fortify with United Concordia Dental

Our unique approach to oral health2 can help fortify your business.

We have specially trained oral wellness consultants who can share tips to help your employees take better care of their teeth. Plus, we offer a highly flexible range of plans, which can help you keep your healthcare costs in line. We’re the little thing you can add that can make a big difference for your business.

It could mean a Competitive Advantage

It could mean a Competitive Advantage

Learn More About the Benefits of Fortifying your Business.

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