United Concordia Dental Boost

Let us help you boost oral wellness.

Don’t let dental problems bite into your budget.

When employees call off to deal with oral issues, your company pays for it. You not only lose productivity, you shell out more for sick leave.

Businesses lose 93 million work hours each year due to unplanned dental visits.1 For a small business, that could translate to some serious down time.

A small investment with big returns.

Many oral issues can be avoided — or caught and treated early — with routine dental exams. United Concordia Dental plans cover the preventive care your employees need to stay healthy and on the job.

United Concordia offers:
  • PPO, DHMO, and EPO dental plans.
  • Affordable coverage with comprehensive benefit options.
  • Specially trained wellness consultants.
  • Oral wellness education for employees.

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